Gauche Display
Gauche Display is a "tasteless and awkward" script font for those who don't exactly want sophistication in their typographic script usage. In other words, it sucks on purpose.
2008 Megami Studios. All rights reserved.

This package contains the Gauche Display font (release 1.28) in True Type (Windows) format.

Megami Studios Fonts License Agreement (Free Fonts):

All fonts Megami Studios. All Rights Reserved. No Megami Studios Fonts (fonts) may be altered or redisributed without the express permission of Megami Studios.

These fonts are meant as freeware for self-publishing and non-profit use only. This does not include usage by major publishers (e.g. Marvel; DC; Dark Horse; Oni; Image; SLG; Top Cow; Crossgen; Tokyopop; Del Rey; Viz Media; and/or their subsidiaries) or websites with over 100,000 hits per day (e.g. Penny Arcade, PVP, Megatokyo) (collectively, "major publishers") without a license fee. Use by a major publisher (or an employee) and use for mainstream publishing will incur a license fee to be paid to Megami Studios. In short:

*Anyone may use these fonts for non-profit projects.
*If you are a self-publisher and/or creator, you may use these fonts for any independent published project, for profit or non-profit.
*If you are an independent creator publishing through a major publisher (see above for some examples), there is a license fee.
*If you are not an independent creator and you plan to use these fonts in a commercial project, there is a license fee.

Please email Megami Studios for fees on free font usage, as well as an invoice for your records.

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Contents of this archive:
Gauche Display.ttf - the font
legalese.txt - this file

Current History of this font:
1.28 - revision to the kerning of the "l" (small L) glyph - PUBLIC RELEASE
1.27 - rekerning to the "l" (small L) glyph
1.26 - corrected errors in some numeric glyphs
1.23 - modification of PANOSE classification
1.22 - revision to the "#" (number sign) glyph
1.21 - rekerning of the "!" (exclamation point) glyph
1.2 - revision of several glyphs
1.1 - PANOSE classification
1.0 - creation of the font - BETA RELEASE